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EduPrint at Kings' School Winchester

As discussed we have had an Eduprint system within the school for about 6 months. It is without doubt a remarkable educational tool, ideal for Business & Enterprise schools/colleges, together with schools with specialisms in Art, Photography etc. We are using it to stimulate enterprise education within all curriculum areas and across all year group programmes.

We use it to support our sustainable business programmes that run across years 7-11, and to support our integrated primary school programmes. the system offers potential substantial cost savings within the school's administration. Eduprint's capability has engaged both the teaching and pupil communities alike. We have inspirational images of pupils in various working environments throughout the school. Comments from the whole community including existing & prospective parents have been very positive. We have developed several curriculum based projects that involve pupils developing, designing products, production, sales & marketing.

We have no regrets in leasing Eduprint and believe within the year we will be able to invite all schools into Kings's for a seminar on how you can get the best out of Eduprint within the environment of a large mixed ability comprehensive school.

I do hope this summary helps with your decision.


D Stuart Johnson Enterprise Co-ordinator Kings' School Winchester

What is EduPrint?

The only real business operated by students

Eduprint creates the opportunity for Schools to learn through creative printing with a unique introduction into the world of business. Pupils learn the skill sets that are needed to thrive in the digital world. Parents and local business will be encouraged to become involved and support the business enterprise initiative.

Eduprint is a revolutionary new resource for schools that has cross curricula application, pupil differentiation capability and is centred around the use of enterprise skills. Students run the EduPrint Centre as a flexible business within the educational establishment encouraging them to develop entrepreneurial and creative skill sets.